So it begins.

26 Sep

So Freshers 2010 is finally here, by now everyone will have moved in and be psyched for the year. Freshers registration is at 1pm tomorrow in College Lane LRC and second and third years need to be in on Thursday for your welcome back chat (see your emails for your times).

Moustache Bash is of course on Thursday.woop.


Feature of the month

2 Sep

This months feature is third year Character Creation student Wayne Adams. Wayne’s work is genuinely amazing and there’s so much of it too. Make sure you spend some time checking out his website and photo albumns.

Congratulations B*Tits.

Feature of the Week

5 Aug

I’m aware this should have been updated by now, however im back to work and have little time to do it, and haven’t had much new content emailed through so Ali will be remaining on our front page for a little while longer. If you have anything to add to the gallery remember to email it to

You can also contact me there should you have a desire to help out with the website, no skills required.

Over and Out.


28 Jul

In some bizzare way we attracted no less than 45 views yesterday. Now i dont confess to knowing quite how the statistics are worked out but im assuming that must be each time any one clicks on an internal link, otherwise somehow we had 45 views before the site has even been promoted. Still amused me enough to write about.

Featured Artist

27 Jul

This weeks featured artist is UHSFX graduate Alasdair Fitz-Desorgher. Ali was a fantastic student rep and has a varied and interesting portfolio. He recently won ‘BEST INTERACTIVE DESIGN’ at New Blades modelmaking exhibition 2010. Well done Ali.

grey hair

27 Jul

A few more grey hairs have emerged today trying to get this up and running. Finally getting close to the content i’d like, so the next big step is to get that gallery filled and then work on making this pretty and our own.

Nifty little ordering system for hoodies coming your way this year too watch out for that in a couple of months!

Hello World!

25 Jul

Well hello. Welcome to the (potential) new home of Here you’ll find all the latest news and be able to view work by our members. Who knows what else might end up here but after a year and half of having a website it’s about time we put something on it and used it.

ps. its 5 months till Christmas